Middle School Orchestra
Membership Requirement
For a student to participate in KMEA honor groups the sponsoring teacher must be an active member of the Kansas Music Educators Association.

Middle School Orchestra Roster


Roster | Festival Scores
  • Alyssa Gusman Bustamante, Dodge City MS
  • Evelyne Loosli, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  • Syriana Torres, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  • Janet Garcia-Macias, Garden City-Kenneth Henderson MS
  • Marcela Olmos Rafaelli, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  • Allyson Blanco-Zetino, Garden City-Horace Good MS
  • Olive Mya, Garden City-Horace Good MS
  • Samantha Negaard, Great Bend MS
  • Matthew Montgomery, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  • Ariana Fregoso, Dodge City MS
  • Emilea Klenke, Dodge City MS
  • Mary Ann Spindler, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  • Galilea Enriquez Mendez, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  • Stephany Palafox, Dodge City MS
  • Kaydence Gomez, Garden City-Horace Good MS
  • Cora Gutierrez-Ortiz, Dodge City MS
  • Miguel Mejia Larios, Dodge City MS
  • Isaac Valdez, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  • Raelynn Miller, Garden City-Horace Good MS
  • M. Estela Chic Ramos, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  • Heidy Ortiz Mendoza, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  • Sam Cheney, Garden City-Horace Good MS
  • Nayeli Ochoa, Garden City-Horace Good MS
  • Georgiana Lozano, Garden City-Horace Good MS
  • Melanie Poblano, Great Bend MS
  • Adianez Ceron, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  • Dominic Ortiz, Great Bend MS
  • Lesli Umana Chairez, Dodge City MS
  • Kiahna Reyes, Garden City-Kenneth Henderson MS
  • Arleth Sanchez, Great Bend MS
  • Brianna Archer, Dodge City MS
  • Evelyn De La Cruz Martinez, Dodge City MS
  • Max Hipolito Lopez, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  • Everilda Castro Velasquez, Dodge City MS
  • Olivia Loera, Great Bend MS
  • Josselin Claro, Garden City-Horace Good MS
  • Alina Beck, Dodge City MS
  • Eric Ordonez Lux, Dodge City MS
  • Sydney James, Great Bend MS
  • Faith Sexton, Great Bend MS
  • Alt. 1 - Alayna Workman, Garden City-Horace Good MS
  • Alt. 2 - Mina Rodriguez-Paredes, Garden City-Horace Good MS
  • Alt. 3 - Hanna Perez, Great Bend MS
  • Tristan Banda Padilla, Garden City-Kenneth Henderson MS
  • Juan Delgado-Dominguez, Garden City-Horace Good MS
  • Milagros Orozco, Great Bend MS
  • Lexi Hernandez, Great Bend MS
  • Alexa Lizama, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  • Lilythe Knier, Garden City-Horace Good MS
  • Melody Cruz Petronilo, Dodge City MS
  • Liliana Bradfield, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  • Heidy Perez Veleta, Dodge City MS
  • Adrian Castellanos, Great Bend MS
  • Anahi Lupercio-Sanchez, Dodge City MS
  • Avalynne Parr, Great Bend MS
  • Dashalyn Gonzaga, Dodge City MS
  • Alyssa Sanchez, Dodge City MS
  • Danya Garcia Marquez, Dodge City MS
  • Breilyn Earl, Garden City-Kenneth Henderson MS
  • Ashley Leyva, Great Bend MS
  • Samuel Gonzalez, Garden City-Kenneth Henderson MS
  • Kendra Florez, Dodge City MS
  • Xitlali Huitron, Great Bend MS
  • Alt. 1 - Juleth Guzman Valadez, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  • Alt. 2 - Alessandra Mendoza, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  • Alt. 3 - Emiliano Castillo, Dodge City MS
  • Janet Luis Ordonez, Dodge City MS
  • Mirayah Flores-Ramirez, Garden City-Kenneth Henderson MS
  • Maribel Ayala, Garden City-Horace Good MS
  • Paige Sanders, Garden City-Horace Good MS
  • Adrian Castro, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  • Anthony Alarcon, Dodge City MS
  • Rialey Bettinger, Great Bend MS
  • Alexis Pio, Great Bend MS
  • Kieyerra Johnson, Great Bend MS
  • Adolfo Garcia Perez, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  • Alexandra Pena Cardenas, Dodge City MS
  • Alejandro Chavez Perez, Dodge City-Comanche MS
  • Alexis Arambula, Dodge City MS
  • Giselle Leyva, Great Bend MS
  • Raelynn Miller, Garden City-Horace Good MS
  • Bianney Echegoyen Ibarra, Dodge City MS
Aubrey Maneth
Great Bend MS
1919 Harrison
Great Bend, KS 67530
w: 620-793-1510
Important Dates - MS Orchestra
Sep. 17, 2023 - Sun
Mentoring Kick-Off Meeting
via Zoom, 2:00 PM
Oct. 1, 2023 - Sun
Audition Upload Deadline — MS Orchestra
$15 per audition
Nov. 4, 2023 - Sat
Clinics & Concerts — MS Band, MS Orchestra, HS Jazz Band
Dodge City MS
$5 per selected student

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