High School Choir

High School Choir


SWKMEA In-Person mini-conventions are cancelled for 2020-21. Auditions for honor groups will be held online. Rosters will be published.
Oct. 11 - HS Choir Student Registration Deadline
Oct. 25 - Late Deadline #1
Oct. 28 - Audition uploads will open in Festival Scores
Nov. 6 - Late Deadline #2
Nov. 6 - Audition upload deadline Nov. 7 - Late Deadline #3
Nov. 7 - HS Choir Live Auditions @ Dodge City Middle School
Nov. 22 - Late Deadline #2
Nov. 22 - Audition upload deadline (late uploads are not possible)
Nov. 23 thru Dec. 5 - Online Judging
Dec. 5 - HS Choir Clinic @ Dodge City High School
Dec. 7 - earliest possible date for roster posting

  • "Official" registration of SWKMEA HS Choir auditions is located in the KMEA Members website as that is the registration site for KMEA All-State Choirs. This is unchanged from prior years.
  • SWKMEA HS Choir will use an online recorded audition process for 2020-21 using the Festival Scores website.
  • The use of Festival Scores is strictly as a replacement for in-person auditions and judging, originally scheduled for Nov. 7, 2020.
  • Festival Scores will not serve as the official registration for SWKMEA HS Choir.
  • Audition Fees will be based on registration time-stamps in the KMEA Members site. For 2020-21, a registration fee of $2.00 per entry will be assessed to cover the use of the audition system.
  • Late Deadline #3 (on-site entries) will not be included in the district calendar for 2020-21.
  • Late uploads of auditions is not possible due to the timeline of events within the audition and judging process.
  • All judging will be held remotely using Festival Scores.
  • Students named to the SWKMEA HS Choir will be eligible to be named to the KMEA All-State Choirs.
Festival Scores information video
Directors should watch this short video to become familiar with the Festival Scores audition system.

Festival Scores - Audition Event Tag

Directors, you will need to activate the following Event Tag in your Festival Scores Director account in order to upload audition entries.

Audition EventEvent Tag
2020 District Choir Auditions X7ZRMSL

Audition Selections

Audition Selections are posted on the KMEA website:
2020-21 HS Choir Audition Selections
Tori Koehn
Leoti-Wichita County HS
PO Box K
Leoti, KS 67861
w: 620-375-2213

Important Dates - HS Choir
Oct. 10, 2021 - Sun
Audition Registration Deadline — HS Choir
Oct. 24, 2021 - Sun
Audition Registration - Late Deadline #1 — HS Choir

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