High School Orchestra

High School Orchestra


SWKMEA In-Person mini-conventions are cancelled for 2020-21. Auditions for honor groups will be held online. Rosters will be published.
mp3 Auditions
We will use Festival Scores for online audition management. Directors will need to activate the following Event Tag in their account:
Tentatively, we'll be using the same conductor and music for the 2021 Festival as we would have for this year. Joan Crull will be contacting Brian Buckstead.

Because the ensembles are not happening in person, we will ONLY be charging an audition fee of $2 to cover the cost of the audition system.
Brian Buckstead, Fort Hays State University

Clinic Date & Location
Saturday, Dec. 5 @ Dodge City HS

Performance Repertoire
Allegro Barbaro, Bartok/arr. Lipton
Psalm and Fugue Op. 40a, Hovhaness
Red Rhythmico, Mosier

Upload Deadline
Dec. 5 at midnight is the deadline to upload your students' auditions to FestivalScores.com. This year's chair is Summer Miller from Garden City, and she'll be in contact with all NW/SW directors with more info on this process, including the Event Tag for this year.

Festival Scores information video
Directors should watch this short video to become familiar with the Festival Scores audition system.
Audition Excerpts

Students auditioning for District orchestra or WKOF chair position will use the following selections:
[edited Oct. 2, 2020 to remove one excerpt from each instrument]

A melodic Minor Scale
State Excerpt: Bizet
Mosier - Red Rhythmico: 66-82 @120 BPM
Hovhaness - Fugue: 10-11 (@100 BPM)

E-Flat Major Scale
State Excerpt: Enesco
Hovhaness - Psalm - 1 After 6 to 8 - @80 bpm
Hovhaness - Fugue: 10-11 - @100 bpm

E-Flat Major Scale
State Excerpt: Tchaikovsky
Mosier - Red Rhythmico: measures 82 - 98 (Top Line, Solo) @120 bpm
Hovhaness - Fugue: rehearsal 12 To 5 after 13 - @100 bpm

A melodic Minor Scale
State Excerpt: Von Weber
Mosier - Red Rhythmico: measures 43-51
Hovhaness - Fugue: rehearsal 12 To 5 after 13 - @100 bpm

All-State music excerpts
Summer Miller
Garden City HS
2720 Buffalo Way Blvd
Garden City, KS 67846

Important Dates - HS Orchestra
Oct. 27, 2021 - Wed
Audition Upload Deadline — NW/SW HS Orchestra

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