Guidelines Notebook

HS Choral - Audition Guidelines

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Updated: Jul. 28, 2001

  1. SWKMEA has only one audition. It is used to determine both the District and State participants.

  2. Students are not allowed to audition, participate, or be selected to both the choir and instrumental groups. (Exception: a student may be in the District Choir and the District Jazz Band since those groups rehearse and perform on different days.)

  3. There is no restriction as to the number of students any school may send to audition.

  4. Directors with students auditioning are expected to be available (all day) to help with auditions.

  5. Auditions for the District Choir are held in conjuction with the SWKMEA Middle School clinic. This is generally held on the first Saturday of November.

  6. Directors must include on the online roster each student planning to audition. The roster is due by the date specified in the fall bulletin.

  7. The audition material for SWKMEA will be identical to the State audition material and will be announced by the District Choral Chair in either a late spring or early fall bulletin to the district directors.

  8. Auditions are held at the Middle School in Dodge City.

  9. Each student will be assigned an audition number and time.

  10. Each student will sing the announced music to a cassette recording containing the accompaniment, if any, and the other three vocal parts of the audition song.

  11. Each student will audition separately and will be scored on their audition by three judges. The students will be identified by their audition number only and will not be seen by the judges.

  12. All district choral directors will be notified of the district tryout music on Wednesday preceding the Saturday audition date. Auditions for students unable to attend the regular audition because of a KSHSAA sponsored activity will be held on the Thursday evening preceding the Saturday auditions. Times and location of the Thursday auditions will be announced in the fall bulletin.

  13. A list of those making District Choir will be mailed to each director on the Monday following the auditions.

  14. The District Choir will rehearse and perform at the SWKMEA Mini-Convention which is generally held on the first Saturday of December.

  15. Questions concerning District Choir should be directed to the High School Choral Chair.