Guidelines Notebook

MS Choral - Selection Guidelines

Page  4-C-1
Updated: July 2016

Selection Guidelines
  1. The Choir shall have 200 participants total.
  2. Only 7th and 8th grade students are eligible.
  3. Students will audition via mp3 recording through Festival Scores. Audition recordings must be uploaded by the audition deadline.
  4. Schools will pay an audition fee for each student that submits an audition.
  5. The top scoring acceptable auditions for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass from each school will be selected to the choir. (If a school does not have a full quartet, they will submit what SATB voicings they have.)
  6. The remaining slots open (up to 50 total for each voice) will be filled by the top remaining scores in each voice category.
  7. There will be THREE alternate quartets selected. Those students will be notified by the MS Choir Chair if they are to perform.
  8. Students will audition using Dona Nobis Pacem. PDFs are found on the "Auditions" page.

Recording/Submission Guidelines
Audition recordings must be uploaded by the established audition deadline. Uploads will be closed at midnight on the night of the deadline date. The mp3 recordings contained in the system at the moment of the deadline will be the entries that are judged. All previously uploaded mp3 files will be disregarded. If multiple mp3 files are uploaded for a particular student, only the final uploaded file will be judged.

Teachers are encouraged to name their mp3 files in a way that will make them easy to organize. For example, if your student John Doe recorded three tenor auditions, you could name them as follows:


  • Audio audition files must be mp3 format.
  • Your mp3 file names must not contain apostrophes. Only use letters, numbers, or dashes/underscores.
The audition system will display on screen for the teacher the name of the last uploaded mp3 file for each student. Judges will not be able to see your file names.

Late entries will not be accepted! The mp3 upload process will be disabled at the time of the deadline. Judging begins immediately after the upload deadline.