Guidelines Notebook

HS Jazz Band Chair

Page  2-H
Updated: Nov. 6, 2000

January Contact a clinican for the next Festival Jazz Ensemble. (See the District Clinician Selection Guidelines, page 3.)
May Finalize repertoire and any other details with the clinician. Be sure to discuss with the clinician the fee, time requirements, and performance time allotted. Also remind him/her that we expect them to solo on one of the selections, but no more than one.
August Check to be certain you have the concert music available to mail out with the notification of the group members selected. Music should be provided by the clinician; borrow from other directors or your own program, if necessary. SWKMEA does not maintain a library for this purpose. Please contact the President if this will be a problem. Also, select a group of instructors to help listen to/select the group.

Provide to the President an information sheet for the bulletin. Include the following:

  • Name of clinician
  • Deadline date for entries
October Choose the Jazz Band personnel. (See the Selection Guidelines, page 4-F-1). Send a composite list of those selected along with pertinent information to the District President and to each school that submitted audition tapes. The letter should include the rehearsal schedule (including extra rehearsal prior to the Festival), music and information about student attire.

Make facility arrangements in Dodge City. Check with the clinician for any special requests or needs.

CONCERT Help seat students at the start of the day and make sure that each student has an easily readable name tag. Introduce the clinician and keep the rehearsal on schedule. Make arrangements for lunch for the clinician. Introduce the clinician at the concert.