Guidelines Notebook

HS Choral Chair

Page  2-G
Updated: July 3, 2007

May Line up clinician (page 3). Inform clinician of the State audition songs and determine three other songs of the clinician's choosing. Inform music stores of the selections so they can have plenty in stock. Arrange for an accompanist. Finalize event details and repertoire list with the clinician.
August Prepare first mailing. Attend Officers meeting. Coordinate posting of audition materials and repertoire list with webmaster. Determine lodging needs of the clinician for the evening prior to the Festival and inform District Secretary-Treasurer of such needs. Receive master tape from State Choir Chair.
October Receive audition applications via KMEA website. Be firm about the deadline date and entry fees (deadline needs to be on a Thursday). Do not accept entries over the phone. A fax is acceptable only if the forms are mailed immediately. Dodge City does not have to pay fees since they are the host school for the auditions and clinic. Call Dodge City to make sure all facility arrangements have been made for auditions. Make sure rosters and entry forms agree (same students on each). When scheduling auditions, sopranos-altos start at 8:30 AM, and tenors-basses start at 9:00 AM. Arrange three judges and a door monitor for each audition room (call, don't write). Arrange for a gym monitor, 2 hall monitors, and office help (3 or 4 people). Send out the audition times as soon as possible to avoid getting phone calls from directors. Put a copy of each school's names and numbers, audition forms, and rosters in file folders. Make a note of any forms that are incompletely filled out and include in the director's letter. Either mail those forms back or allow corrections to be made in the office the day of the auditions. State will not accept incomplete forms. Inform District Secretary-Treasurer of the number of helpers (Secretary-Treasurer will order pizza for the helpers).
November Call Dodge City to ensure all facility arrangements have been made for the day of performance. Receive the audition music sections and tapes from the State Chair. Send the sections out immediately in a letter along with starting times. Include the times the audition tapes will be played. Tell judges and helpers to meet for a meeting the morning of auditions. Make back-up tapes for each voice in case one breaks the day of auditions. Continuously record audition so tape doesn't have to be rewound. Find calculators for each room and office. Find good tape players for each room and have one as a backup. Make signs for each room. Make copies of audition judges sheets. Each voice needs to be a different color to aid in keeping them straight in the office. Make arrangements with President and Secretary-Treasurer to rent piano for concert. Arrange for a piano lamp.
Bring tape, pencils, sticky-notes, stapler, etc., computer/printer/paper. Arrange for your own students' transportation home as you will have a long afternoon. Ensure each judge's sheet is filled out completely. Send any incomplete forms back to each judge immediately so they can remember the audition. Have three copies of the master schedule. One outside each room, one in gym for caller, and one in the office in case of cancellations. All schools that submitted audition forms must be represented in the District Choir. Make determinations about where to break in the scores and rooms. Accept 50 sopranos, 50 altos, 40 tenors, and 40 basses. If there are students with the same score around the cut-off, or varying scores from SR1 to SR2, consult with office helpers to make a decision. If two soprano or alto rooms are used, 4 must be chosen from each room for the State Choir. Double check that none of the State Choir qualifiers are freshmen. Also, break any ties that might occur with the top 8 and 2 alternates in each voice.


  • will audition by number only
  • are not to see the students auditioning
  • will inform judges of audition number for each student
  • will operate the tape player
  • will collect score sheets and check to make sure they are filled out correctly
Send final roster to Webmaster. Send a letter to all schools participating regarding their respective District Festival participants. It is not necessary to inform the schools of all participants, just their own. Include a schedule for the District Festival day and the selections to be used. Check with the clinician that everything is in place. Ensure that all District qualifiers have State forms filled out completely. Make arrangements for extra risers.
Day of
Set up the students for rehearsal. Get background bio on the clinician for introduction before the performance. Eat lunch with the clinician. Attend the meeting and give a report on numbers that sent in audition applications, actual audition numbers, and number of schools participating.
Follow-up Mail out the State Choir list to all schools that participated. Remind schools of the State selections. Mail list of students to the District President. Send audition forms and State list to the State Choir chairperson.