Guidelines Notebook

HS Band Chair

Page  2-F
Updated: July 3, 2007

May Contact a clinican for the next District Festival Band. (See the Clinician Selection Guidelines, page 3).
August Confirm dates and repertoire with the clinician. Send a letter of information to the District President to be included in the bulletin. Include Transmit the following information to the Webmaster:
  • Name of clinician
  • Deadline date for audition roster
  • Deadline date for audition tapes
October Make preparations to listen to the audition tapes. This takes place on the day of the Middle School District concert. Allow time to remove labels, number tapes, and sort them into like instruments. Make copies of the Instrument Audition Form. Have enough for all auditions. You need 2 copies for each tape submitted. A sample can be found in this notebook (page 5-D-1). You should also provide judges with copies of the audition materials.
Ask SWKMEA band directors to listen to the tapes while the Middle School Band is rehearsing. Be certain to have enough tape recorders available for the auditions. There must be at least 2 judges per room to audition tapes.

Distribute the District Band music to as many band directors as you can on the day of the Middle School concert.

Send a composite list of the band to each school submitting tapes, the District President, and the Webmaster. For those schools represented in the band include any District Band music they didn't pick up. Include information about student attire and all other pertinent facts.

November Make facility arrangements in Dodge City. Check with the clinician for any special arrangements or needs.
Concert Help seat students at the beginning of the rehearsal. Introduce the clinician to the students. Keep the rehearsal on schedule and see to any needs of the clinician. Introduce the clinician at the beginning of the band portion of the District Concert.