Guidelines Notebook

MS Band Chair

Page  2-D
Updated: Feb. 16, 2002

  1. Secure a guest clinician/conductor as soon as possible and notify the District President.

  2. Inform the guest clinician/conductor to select the music for the Band as soon as possible.

  3. Order the music and have it ready to send to the students at the same time the tapes are heard.

  4. Ask SWKMEA band directors to meet and listen to the audition tapes at a central location at least three weeks before the clinic/concert date.

  5. Set the due date at least four days before the listening date to allow ample time to remove labels, number tapes, and sort them into like instruments.

  6. Ask the directors to bring tape recorders with them if the central site does not have enough available.

  7. After listening to the tapes, sort them in order of towns. Return the tapes to the band directors at the Middle and High School Festivals.

  8. Make copies of the Instrument Audition Form. Have enough for all auditions. You need a copy for each tape submitted. A sample can be found in this notebook (page 5-b-1). You should also provide judges with copies of the audition materials.

  9. The students need the music in their hands at least two weeks before the performance. Send the music to the respective band directors.

  10. As soon as the band has been selected, send the seating chart to the host school of the festival and send a copy of the band roster to the District President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Webmaster for publication.

  11. The morning of the festival date, place each students' name on his or her chair along with a pencil.