Guidelines Notebook

Elementary Choral Chair

Page  2-C
Updated: July 3, 2007

May Contact clinican(s) for next District Choir. (See the District Clinician Selection Guidelines.) Contact an accompanist(s). Fee=$100.00.
August Notify various music stores of the District selections. Notify District President of the clinician and music choices so they may be included in the fall State Board meeting. Transmit to the Webmaster the following:
  1. Names of festivals songs and where available
  2. Name of Clinician
  3. Deadline for the entry date
October Choose choir personnel.
November Send complete list of choir (include voice part and town) to District President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Webmaster. Send a letter to the directors regarding student attire. Remind the directors that their attendance is required on the concert day.
  • Inform host school of the seating arrangement desired by the guest conductor
  • Inform host school of choir riser needs
  • Communicate with the guest director(s) about the schedule of the day. Arrange for other directors to help with seating students, registration, and student control during rehearsal.
  • Help seat students at the beginning of the rehearsal
  • Introduce the clinician at the beginning of the rehearsal
  • Introduce the clinician at the beginning of the concert
  • Be responsible for any equipment or instruments needed for the choir performance