HS Jazz Band


Audition Recordings
Auditions will be submitted online using Festival Scores. Teachers may create their Director account and update their Director and Student profiles now.

Timeline for Auditions
Sep. 5 thru Sep. 23 - Directors may upload audition files. Uploads will close at midnight (11:59:59 PM CST on Sep. 23)
Sep. 24 thru Sep. 29 - Judging
Oct. 1 - Roster TBA

Fee Payments
All fees must be paid using the invoices generated inside your director account in Festival Scores. All payments must include a print-out of the invoices that are included on each check. Failure to include invoice(s) will result in a $15 fee assessed to your school (SWKMEA board action July 17, 2017).

Festival Scores - Audition Event Tags

Directors, you will need to activate the following Event Tags in your Festival Scores Director account in order to upload audition entries.

Horn Auditions7CPNV6C
Piano/Guitar/Bass Auditions4RP6ZC8
Drum Set Auditions V9WXS79
Jacob Miller
Dodge City High School
2201 Ross Blvd
Dodge City, KS 67801