Southwest Kansas Music Educators Association

Message from the President

Greetings Southwest Kansas music teachers!

I hope you all have had a fantastic start to the school year. As the fall approaches, I wanted to say hello and send you all some information in regards to what has been happening over the summer both here in the SW district and in the state. There are some exciting changes being made and events being added, as this year looks to be fantastic!

First of all, in the SW district, I would like to welcome any new teachers who have joined the profession for the first time, or are joining us here in the SW district. I hope you all can make it to the first ever Mentor Dinner that we will be holding on September 23 in Cimarron. Also, if you would like to volunteer to be a mentor teacher to any of our newbies, please contact our Mentor Chairs, Jane Vanderhoff or Lynn Unruh, and also get yourself signed up to join us at the Mentor Dinner.

Another exciting addition here in the SW district is our new piano competition! It will be held on Saturday, October 27 in Haviland, KS. Many thanks to the board members for their input in regards to the details, and especially to our Past President, Brandon Wade, for this great idea. He has put in many hours working out the details of this event. Information and registration details will soon be forthcoming on the website.

Some changes that were made in the SW district over the summer are:
  • MS Band - new chromatic scales (see the MS Band section of the website)
  • Elementary choir will now allow 5th grade students as well as 6th grade students (see the Elementary Choir section of the website)

Also, of note in the SW district, MS Choir teachers, PLEASE make sure you are submitting the correct key for tenors! We do not use the same key that they use for state ML Choir auditions. The PDFs of the correct keys are available on the MS Choir section of the website.

All directors, please remember that you are paying an AUDITION registration fee! You MUST pay for every student that auditions! The only participation fee that we pay in the SW district is the Elementary Choir registration fee.

Now, for state KMEA information that affects us here in the SW district:
  • HS Choir - the new state treble choir is starting this year! The new audition procedure is that the treble voices will audition on two songs, and the tenor/bass voices will audition on two songs. Details and information are available on the HS choir section of the website. Also, we here in the SW district decided to only have the one choir perform that we have always had. The treble choir voices will be singing their audition piece on the concert.
  • At the state board meeting it was decided to implement a new choir formula. (Much of the discussion centered on what to do now that the new EC district has been added.) Also, the board voted to add 9th graders to all state ensembles starting with the 2019-2020 school year. Please see the meeting minutes on the state KMEA website for further information. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. We will be discussing this upcoming change at all of our meetings this coming fall/spring.
  • From KSHSAA, please be aware that activity classifications and music classifications are NOT THE SAME with the implementation of the new classifications this year. Your school may be one classification for sports and another classification for music. Please check with your administrators and/or on the KSHSAA website when classifications come out this fall.
  • Also from KSHSAA, please note that they are seriously looking at changing regional competition sites from a small school/large school to a north/south configuration. This could change regional dates for some of you, as both the Garden City and the Dodge City dates would fall on the same weekend this coming spring. Please see the proposed map in the board book from the July state meeting this past summer on the state KMEA website
  • There will be some new performance venues and rehearsal spaces at the ISW in February.
  • The SW district will be represented at the ISW, as the Scott City Flatland Big Band was selected as one of the performance groups! Congratulations to them, and their director, Clint Raynes! I know we have several teachers in our district who are members of the band, so I hope we can all make it to their performance this February.
  • Finally, the state board voted to adopt late fees for the state choir similar to those that the state band uses. The three late fee dates are located on the website calendar. Our SW district board needs to vote on the amounts that we will charge, and that will happen very soon, so that you can see what those fees will be if you register too late. That being said, please try to get your registrations in ON TIME!

I think that covers the information that I wanted to share with you as we get the year started. Please feel free to contact your board members with any questions or concerns. You can also read minutes from the district and state board meetings on their respective websites. We will discuss all of this information at our meetings in November, December, and January, so feel free to bring your questions to those meetings.

If any of you know of new music teachers in your district (elementary through high school), please get that information to our Mentor Chairs, Jane and Lynn, as soon as possible. They have done a super job over the summer finding our new people, but your help is always VERY much appreciated.

Again, I hope this year has begun on a positive note for everyone! Many thanks to our SW district board members for their leadership and commitment to making our district top notch, and also to all of you for your hard work and dedication to our students!


Jodi Frisbie Reese
SWKMEA District President
5-8 Vocal Music Director
Scott City Middle School
Directors must be members of NAfME-KMEA in order to register students for SWKMEA District Honor Ensembles.
(SWKMEA policy adopted July 2017)

Honor group fees will be assessed as a "Registration Fee" for all SWKMEA ensembles.
(SWKMEA policy adopted July 2017)

Payments not accompanied by a printed invoice will incur a $15 penalty.
(SWKMEA policy adopted July 2017)

Reminder to all teachers: All fees must be paid by March 1 of each school year.

July 2017 SWKMEA Board Meeting minutes
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