Guidelines Notebook

HS Choral - All-State Audition Guidelines

Page  4-E-2
Updated: Jun. 26, 2011

  1. SWKMEA has only one audition. It is used to determine both the District and State participants.

  2. Freshmen may participate in their District Festival Choir but are NOT eligible to audition for All-State Choir.

  3. The number of students eligible for the All-State Choir is determined by a formula used by the State Choir Chairperson (SWKMEA usually sends 28-32 students).

  4. The All-State roster is posted on the KMEA state website ( in mid-December.

  5. Students selected for All-State Choir must have auditioned for and been selected to the District Choir. They must also have participated in their District Choir rehearsals and performance.

  6. If a student is selected for the All-State Choir and is unable to attend, their director should contact the District Choral Chair so the alternate may attend.

  7. The All-State Choir is held in Wichita generally on the last weekend of February during the KMEA In-Service Workshop at Century II Convention Center. The final performance is on the Saturday of that weekend, and is held in the Century II Concert Hall.