Guidelines Notebook


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Updated: July 3, 2007

January Finalize selection of District Chairs for the Board.
February Attend the Board meeting on the first day of the convention. Serve as host to whatever clinics or sessions the State President-Elect assigns you.
March Check with the District Chairs. Assist in their selection of clinicians for the District Mini-Convention. All plans need to be firm by May.
May Attend the State Board meetings as schedule by the State President.
August Attend the State Board meeting. Prepare the fall newsletter postcard for distribution by late August. Hold a District Board meeting to finalize all plans. You need the following information for the newsletter website:
  • A letter of information from each District Chair about the fall auditions and clinicians.
  • Include necessary forms for each group. Be certain to include State forms if different from the District forms.
  • Pass on all information from the State Board meeting which directly impacts local directors and students. You must review and make corrections to the Guidelines Notebook. Coordinate changes with the Webmaster.
September /
Continue to remain in contact with the chairpeople concerning all aspects of the District Festival and State auditions. Be certain the Dodge City contact person and the Secretary/Treasurer know dates, facility needs, numbers, etc. Be prepared to settle any disputes.
  • Assist District Chairs as needed.
  • Welcome and introduce the Chairs at the afternoon concerts. They will introduce the clinicians and the groups.
  • Prepare the agenda for the directors meeting in the afternoon. (Usually they meet in the morning and hold the business meeting after lunch.) This is the time to bring any business from the State Board meeting to the directors.
  • You will welcome patrons and introduce the Chairs at the afternoon concert. Also make special presentations to students (3rd year & 4th year District Festival participants) and to outgoing Board Officers and Chairs.
December Send a complete list of all SWKMEA District Festival participants to the State President and to each State Chair.